Here are some comments on the Washington Blade's article about the forum by Chris Grewell. These comments were sent to Teach the Facts members.

From: Chris Grewell

Date: Fri Sep 30, 2005 6:57 am

Subject: Re: [teachthefacts] Washington Blade Article on Last Sunday's Forum

This is a great article, but it got a few things wrong.

Robert's last name is Rigby, not Roger. And it misquotes me. I never said, "Sexual orientation is not a matter of truth."

Here is the actual text of my opening statement, FYI:

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests. Thank you all for taking time out of your lovely Sunday afternoon to join us here as presents 'Just Say NOW to Comprehensive and Inclusive Health Education. '

I am Christine Grewell, one of the co-founders of We are a group of Montgomery County Public School parents, students, and other concerned residents who believe it is critical for MCPS to continue its tradition of promoting tolerance in a population as diverse as ours. Along with most Americans, we reject the idea that particular theological doctrines should be taught in the classroom. While individuals are perfectly free to instill their religious views about morality in their children, we must stand firm for the proposition that a fact is not a value. Thus, to state that some people are homosexual does not advocate homosexuality, nor is it a criticism: It is simply a fact. . Further, we believe that it is critical for MCPS to continue its tradition of rigorous academic excellence. MCPS is among the finest school systems in the nation and we want it to remain so. When peer-reviewed scientific research, published in the academic literature conflicts with the self-published reports of religious and political organizations, there should be no controversy about which will be taught in the classroom. It is not a question of public opinion; it is a question of the validity of knowledge. If we are to produce an excellent crop of Montgomery County scholars, we must start by presenting them with the best quality of knowledge available, and respect for the educational institutions that make advances possible.

Today you will hear from a panel of experts on the topic of human sexuality and health education. You will hear a brief history of the attack on the MCPS health education curriculum waged by those who wish to replace comprehensive sex education with so-called abstinence only approaches, and who want to keep all information about sexual orientation out of our health curriculum unless it includes one religious viewpoint: that same sex sexual behavior is sinful and must be changed. And you will hear a poignant, first hand account of a veteran of fifteen years of reparative therapy. Thank you for joining us as we 'JUST SAY NOW TO COMPREHENSIVE AND INCLUSIVE HEALTH EDUCATION!'"