Recordings and Transcripts from the CRC Town Hall Meeting

On March 19, 2005, the Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum held the town hall meeting that is now known as the "Hate-Fest" at the Rockville campus of Johns Hopkins University. Some members of attended the meeting, and recorded the speeches. This page links to mp3 recordings and transcripts of the talks.

The recordings were done with a handheld casette recorder, from seats in the audience, and the quality is not very good. The transcripts will reflect that, as there are numerous unintelligible sections. Also, the tape came to its end during a couple of the talks, so some is lost, but in both cases it was near the end of a presentation.

There are two sets of links below. The first set links you to the transcripts, and the second set links to audio files.

Don Dwyer is a Maryland state delegate. His delivery was impassioned and very frightening, and the CRC's crowd loved him. Listen to the lady who responds to him as if he were a preacher at a revival meeting.

Tres Kerns has a web site called, where he promotes an anti-gay philosophy. He travels around to gay conferences, he says, picking up materials, which he then shows to people.

Robert Knight is a member of the Concerned Women For America, and a well-known name among gay-haters for his work with various national groups.

Maren Fuller was named of the Mother of the Year by someone.

Peter Sprigg is Senior Policy Director for the Family Research Council, a rightwing lobbying organization with a lot of clout in Washington. He has also been appointed to sit on the citizens advisory committee that will study the new MCPS sex ed curriculum.