Who we are
We are parents and supporters of students in Montgomery County, Maryland, who are committed to promoting tolerance and fact-based education in our public schools.

Why we are here
We are here to support a 21st century sex education curriculum for MCPS students. While continuing to stress the importance of abstinence for teens, we support a new curriculum that will expand upon the old one by providing our students with current knowledge about how to protect themselves, based on the latest science and advice from the medical and scientific communities. Also, based on mainstream science, we support a new curriculum that recognizes that sexual orientation is not a choice, and that homosexuality is not a disease.

You can inform yourself about the most recent drafts of the curricula by clicking HERE.

Stand up for what's right
Across the nation and in our own back yard, religious extremists are attempting to impose their beliefs on all of our children, and to dictate what our children learn about themselves, their bodies, and about the people around them. We need your support in opposing those who are trying to intimidate the school board, and who insist that the curriculum reflect their specific beliefs about the morality of particular behaviors. Click on "Take Action" above to find out more about what you can do to help.

About this site
This web site provides documents, resources, links, and contacts to help you stay informed, and to help you to make your voice heard.

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